Zebi AI Chain deployment surpasses 1000 hotels

Feb 18 · 2 min read

Zebi AI Chain app is the first blockchain based app used for frictional less identity verification at hotels and provide express check-in to guests in India.

Zebi is excited to announce that its Blockchain based Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution (Zebi AI Chain) for the Hospitality Industry is now deployed in over 1000 hotels in Andhra Pradesh, India, including top brands, not only to protect their guest data, but also to help law enforcement officials in proactive identification and prevention of criminal activities.

Zebi AI Chain provides fast, scalable, transparent, decentralized, blockchain based solution for identity verification ecosystem. Zebi ID, an encrypted identity, created for the customer, to provide easy and seamless access that enables verification at any hotel. A customer registered on Zebi AI Chain can avail direct verification and the information related to the same customer can be verified at the police station simultaneously.


  • Unique 12-digit Zebi ID
  • All transactions are on Blockchain with ability to trace back to the source
  • Fast and secure transactions ensured through confirmation by authorised nodes on the Blockchain
  • Customer consent enforced for any data sharing
  • Reduces time, processing cost and increases efficiency
  • Failure of one node does not compromise the entire system
  • User data is not stored with Zebi ID hence breach of Zebi ID does not compromise the user data
  • Zero knowledge proof ensures that the information about transacting parties are kept hidden from public view

Zebi was recognized at Technology Sabha Award, Kochi:

District Superintendent of Police, Dr. Fakkeerappa Kaginelli has received ‘Technology Sabha Award’ on 15thFebruary 2019 for successfully implementing Zebi AI Chain in Andhra Pradesh.

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