Zebi at IBC event Hyderabad — Grand EduChain reveal and more.

At the beginning of this month (from 1st August to 4th August), Zebi spent its time in Hyderabad to have many good meetups and attend the international blockchain congress. A big point of excitement for Zebi was the official launch of Zebi EduChain (education chain). Zebi EduChain had been a long time in the making, so we could not wait to bring out the good news. But as said many times before, Zebi only announces deals when they are done.

Telangana IT minister Shri.KT Rama Rao officially announces Zebi EduChain, together with Shri Jayesh Ranjan Principle secretary and Zebi’s own CEO Mr. Babu Munagala and Senior Vice President Engineering Phani Arega on stage.

Zebi EduChain marks the second major MoU (memorandum of understanding) signed with a government for Zebi, as it was signed and announced with the Telangana government live on stage at IBC. Telangana state is very excited to become a leading state in emerging technologies and in blockchain in particular. Zebi is playing an important role in this movement. The initial start of Zebi EduChain will be with IIIT Basara, as the current MoU, first production level application and new relationships open doors for the expansion of the Zebi EduChain solution throughout Telangana and beyond.

Zebi EduChain solves a big problem; ascertaining the authenticity of the school and college certificates of the candidates is a major challenge boggling both recruiters and higher education institutions today. Given the importance, hackers and malicious insiders have significant incentive to tamper or manipulate digital data. The only foolproof solution lies in a properly decentralized blockchain solution.

Speaking on the official launch and this strategic win, Babu Munagala, Founder and CEO of Zebi said, “The issue of fake certificates is a big menace. It is quite tough for recruiters, higher education institutions and other stakeholders to check the authenticity of a certificate. Blockchain can address this problem once and for all.” Babu also added, “The educational institution that wants to join the platform will act as a node with full control on the data they own. They will receive requests from stakeholders to verify any certificate issued by them. They will vet the request and give an answer, checking their database. This simplifies the process in a most secure way.”

With EduChain, Zebi brings a much-needed innovation as the incidence of doctored certificates is evergrowing, and current verification companies, which are helping out recruiting businesses, are found to be ill-equipped to identify fake certificates. Employers all over India spend millions of dollars every year on the verification of educational records. Zebi drastically reduces these costs with EduChain, while making registration more reliable, efficient and tamper-proof. 
Zebi’s EduChain announcement at IBC has been well received and reported by reputable traditional media, such as The Hindu Business Line, and by crypto-minded media, such as Coin news update, Coingossip, Blockasia, crypto-news, and CNBC Crypto Trader. The official Zebi EduChain press release has been adopted by over 73 media channels, including India Today, One Page News, Kalvi Malar, and Web scale network, thus realizing a total media reach of up to a million. Zebi continues to pursue more media exposure for its exciting blockchain developments and the production-level adoption of Zebi EduChain in particular. 
Apart from the grand EduChain reveal, Zebi’s time in Hyderabad and at IBC was about spreading awareness of Zebi and blockchain technology through panel talks on the IBC main stage, and meeting up with a lot of interesting people specialised in blockchain technology, politics, and crypto communication/marketing. Finally, as a cherry on top, we got another chance to meet some of our beloved investors in person.

Zebi CEO Babu Munagala on stage at the IBC panel talks.
Zebi CEO Babu Munagala with Big Crypto investors and Sandeep Nailwal from Matic.Network with which Zebi has partnered up in their R&D efforts to solve the scalability issues affecting blockchain.
Zebi CEO Babu Munagala with Mr. Ran Neu-Ner from CNBC for a live TV segment during the IBC event. Full CNBC interview seen in the India video here.
Zebi CEO Babu Munagala catching up with Suppoman on and off the IBC event.
Zebi CEO Babu Munagala with one of our beloved investors. We truly value all of your trust in Zebi and are honoured to meet many excited investors during the public events we attend!