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Social Media Policy for Zebi’s Official Social Channels

At Zebi, we all are aware of how social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram are transforming the way we communicate with each other. Online collaboration enables people to tell the world about their ideas, passion, expertise, and share their views on various topics. It has become a way for people to give an insight into their everyday life and show what they do on daily basis.

In order to avoid any sort of miscommunication, please refer policy for all the community members to follow whenever sharing a post on the social media platform, that has a direct reference to or a potential impact on Zebi.

• If the content that you are going to share is not accurate and you do not have any evidence to support it, do not post it.

• You are responsible for your own actions in the social world. Always remember that whenever you express your views regarding Zebi, you are sharing your knowledge as an individual and not on behalf of our company. Use a disclaimer such as “The post shared on my portal is my own and it is not associated with Zebi.”

• Please respect confidentiality and privacy. If the content is not yours, then do not use it. It is someone’s choice to decide whether he/she wants to share it with others, not yours.

• If you’ve posted anything online that has false information, be prompt to respond on your own, acknowledge, and accept your mistake. You never know what consequences you might have to face.

• Just because the information is available on the Internet, it is not right to let everyone know about it.

• Last but not the least, do not share any information about Zebi’s employees including their personal data or their photos without their consent.

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