A Blockchain Economy Is Born

Dear friends,

Yesterday we concluded the private sale and now we’re galloping forward to create one of the most significant crypto use cases, which will contribute to the global effort to reach mass adoption.

The ZIX token holds a real use-case. We are all token holders and share the same interest: that the Zeex economy will thrive and succeed. We will invest every bit of energy we have into achieving this. But before we talk about the vision, let me share some technical details about the private and public sale.


During the ICO private sale, we raised a total equivalent to 61,765 ETH from accredited investors. This sum is divided in the following way:

  • 23,765 ETH in token deals, against 182,324,350 ZIX that are 16.417% of the ZIX total supply (1,110,574,602)
  • Subscriptions to invest an amount equivalent to 38,000 ETH in equity deals made with carefully selected strategic partners that we wanted to have as part of the company’s DNA.

Public sale

We decided to go to the Token Generation Event without a public sale. We realized that limiting sale time and creating FOMO could help us raise some more funds, but will not be beneficial to the project or the public.

The public sale concept started out as a way to raise funding from the public but ended up being a double-edged sword that created volatility, dumps, and value drops. You’ll be able to buy ZIX tokens shortly after the TGE on the different outlets, so everybody will be able to own ZIX tokens and use the platform without any time limitations or marketing tactics.

To our public presale participants

Since we are not going to have a public sale, we are going to refund the ETH that we raised in the flash public presale. We will not ask for the ZIX tokens back and contributors can keep the tokens they’ve received. We don’t know if this was ever done before, but it is literally a token of our appreciation to the people who believed in us from the start and took a risk. We love you!

Where do we go from here?

We have great plans for Zeex. Besides the fact that you’ll be able to shop your favorite brands using crypto in the next few weeks, we’re planning some major moves that will disrupt the current prepaid industry and e-commerce as we know it.

While traveling the world during the ICO, the team and I created alliances and partnerships with some of the strongest forces in finance and retail. In the next 7–10 months, we will become the liquidity channel of some of the leading wallets in the market, allowing millions of users to shop directly from their favorite crypto wallets. In the next 10 -14 months, we’re going to allow small business owners to create their own prepaid cards on the blockchain, so even small shop owners can take their first leap into the crypto world with ease and in a risk-free way.

In the coming weeks, we will share information on how we’re going to utilize the company’s token reserve in order to support and incentivize the ecosystem and product release. We understand the great responsibility we carry, making the economy thrive is our top interest.

Great things are ahead of us, we have an incredible team and a solid solution. I would like to use this opportunity and thank the team, our advisors and our community and supporters. You made the Zeex dream a reality. Thank you so much for your trust and support.

Guy Melamed
Zeex’s CEO & Co-Founder