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Why is there a delay in blockchain adoption?

New ideas that enter the market doesn’t kick off immediately. Because communicating and understanding theoretical concepts is difficult. Unless you show concrete examples, a majority of the crowd will deny adoption.

You should be tired of hearing the statement, ​”Blockchain solves the problem of trust.” This statement communicates an idea that is too broad. It doesn’t describe who does it help and how does it help.

We have moved from such abstract ideas to more concrete statements like ​”Blockchain will solve the problem of trust in the supply chain industry for automobile…

MetaMask, the friendly cryptocurrencies wallet browser extension, is becoming a crucial bridge between blockchain payment systems and the traditional financial world. By connecting digital-currencies and other blockchain applications with real-world products and services, it increases liquidity and security, along with faster and cheaper transactions.

Ten years since Bitcoin’s creation and almost five years since Ethereum’s launch, it is safe to say we have entered the hybrid phase when cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications co-exist with fiat money and the traditional world. Cryptocurrencies and DApps possess a great value proposition for the everyday user, yet the user is either unaware of it…

Here is the process that will allow the Zeex community to utilize MetaMask and its advantages through their favorite wallet.

How to access your wallet via MetaMask:

1. Install the MetaMask extension:

Open website or search for “Metamask extension” in your favorite browser (available via Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers).

2. Click Add to Chrome/Firefox/Opera to install MetaMask as your browser extension.

3. Click Add Extension.

This week was a special one for Zeex, as we hope you’ve noticed, we have officially launched our crypto-shopping beta platform. We had so much going on recently and wanted to share with you the atmosphere surrounding us these days.

Over the past week, we have asked the Zeex community to help us in testing our new beta, together with few hand-picked industry colleagues and leading figures from the crypto business community. …

Dear friends,

Yesterday we concluded the private sale and now we’re galloping forward to create one of the most significant crypto use cases, which will contribute to the global effort to reach mass adoption.

The ZIX token holds a real use-case. We are all token holders and share the same interest: that the Zeex economy will thrive and succeed. We will invest every bit of energy we have into achieving this. But before we talk about the vision, let me share some technical details about the private and public sale.


During the ICO private sale, we raised a total…

We’re happy to announce our partnership with W Green Pay and the W-Foundation.

W Green Pay (WGP) is a Stellar-compliant token issued to reward the general public’s participation in the HOOXI campaign — a Korea government-backed Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reduction campaign led by W-Foundation. The HOOXI campaign aims to create a platform that enables the public to participate in market-driven GHG reduction schemes in their daily lives. Through the HOOXI mobile application, the campaign will monitor and reward the efforts of individuals participating in GHG reduction activities. …

Zeex CMO Apan Amos Damri presenting at the TAU Innovation Challenge 2018

By: Apan Amos Damri

Vitalik Buterin recently tweeted: “I think there’s too much emphasis on BTC/ETH/whatever ETFs, and not enough emphasis on making it easier for people to buy $5 to $100 in cryptocurrency via cards at corner stores. The former is better for pumping price, but the latter is much better for actual adoption.” (

I definitely agree with that. Every time we spoke with people in the past months, whether on stage or around the table, I always mentioned I believe we’re solving the greatest barrier to cryptocurrency’s mass adoption.

Whenever I find myself explaining crypto to a…

Dear Zeexers,

We are very excited to share with you one of the most groundbreaking developments of our Zeex project.

While exploring innovative ways to disrupt the e-commerce/gift-card industry, we reflected on our partners’ feedback in light of our ongoing roadshow and meeting with industry and crypto stakeholders.

We realized an even greater opportunity than previously projected and we sat down with our financial team to improve our contribution models, and incorporate our findings into the Zeex ecosystem.

The new investment model is as follows:

Till now our hard cap was $50M and 55% of the proceeds were allocated for…

Chief Architect Noam Malter

The Zeex Private Beta was just launched! Testers are already shopping with ETH simply and easily. That’s not all we have going on in development though.

Up until now, we’ve developed our protocol, which encrypts and stores gift cards on the blockchain. Using the protocol you can buy gift cards in a decentralized way with cryptocurrency. After the protocol, we developed the client, so each crypto holder (or HODLer) can buy in 3 taps. Also, our team worked on our token and crowdsale contract, which have both passed two third-party audits.

Including our CTO, ZIv Isaiah, we have 3 developers…

Over the past few months we’ve made great strides on multiple fronts — closing contracts with known contributors, global suppliers and other strategic partners. These partners have already closed the gap to our soft cap and could complete our entire funding goal.

While the support is positive, we are committed to our community, and the last thing we want to do is prevent you from participating.

Quality TGE’s often end in gas wars and restrict participants to low ETH contributions because there’s not enough public supply left after private sale contributors take the majority of the allocation.

Being a community…


Zeex is the solution to cryptocurrency's greatest challenge: conversion to real world products and services. Learn how at

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