Expert Accessibility Audit Of The Tesco Privacy Centre


To conduct an expert accessibility audit of the Tesco Privacy Centre. The audit aims to explore to what extent the website conforms to accessibility standards and to identify areas of improvement.


The website was evaluated against an accessibility standard, “The Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) 2.0”, to a conformance target of AA. The assessment considered people people with diffenret levels of cognitive, sensory, and physical impairments. A combination of manual checks, automatic accessibility tools and screen readers were used to assess the accessibility of the website.

User Journey: Tesco Privacy Centre -> Your Data Journey -> Stay Safe Online -> Safer Online Shopping -> Privacy and cookies Policy. The “Stay safe online” page was excluded from the sample of pages for having a similar layout and web elements as “Tesco Privacy Centre” page.

Page Audit Sample


Overall, Tesco Privacy Centre is an accessible website, and the audit showed that accessibility was considered in the design process of every page of it. However, there were few violiations the WCAG 2.0 guidlines that should be addressed that will result in meeting level A conformance.

Main Findings

  • Some links and labels are not descriptive which will impact users with cognitive and visual impairments.
  • Images and icons are useful landmarks on the pages for sighted users to find and undertsand the content of the pages, however all graphical content that conveys information require alt attributes (alt text).
  • The semantic structure and organisation of the website content should be improved to ensure hierarchy of information is accurately parsed to assistive technologies.
  • A search bar is needed and the site map is outdated which will affect users who prefer finding content in a way that best suits thems
  • The ability to navigate content sequentially using solely the keyboard on all pages is a great practice of accessibility; However, Keyboard Focus should be always visible across all pages.

Technical Recommendations

  • Increase the focus contrast and text size <a> tags with CSS to improve keyboard focus outline navigations
  • Use “ ARIA Semantics” on user interface controls to describe their purpose
  • Use invisible headers to provide context for different sections of the content page or use ARIA labeledby to name landmarks such as: Utility navigation, Primary navigation and other sections
  • Provide accessibility links at the top of the page with hidden (with CSS) “Accessibility Links” header