Grow Me: An iPhone App To Help People With Decision Paralysis - A Case Study

Grow Me

Brief: Develop a meditative app

Role: UX Researcher

Timeline: 1 week

Outcome: An app that helps users to reflect on the positive outcomes of the decisions they make by growing a plant.


  • Explore users’ thoughts and behaviour during the act of making a decision
  • Define their needs and struggles, and conclude from data collected through various UX methods.
  • Develop conceptual designs and sketches and iterate through participatory design and prototype usability testing
  • Deliver a clickable mid-fidelity prototype

Getting To Know The User

I observed some users to map out their thoughts during the act of decision-making to understand what goes through their mind and why they struggled to make decisions.

Concept Map of the User’ thoughts while making a decision

What I have learned from the users:

  • wanted to know different perspectives for her decision but liked privacy.
  • recalled past experiences which hindered her thought process
  • wished they could measure and compare the positive and negative outcomes of each dilemma
  • Meditation and silent environments paced down their thoughts

UX Methods used: Concept Map Interview Contextual Inquiry

How I Could Help

After learning more about the users and researching various techniques and theories on decision paralysis, I concluded that making a habit of reflecting on positive outcome of each decision my classmate takes, might help them gain confidence in decision making.

I aimed to develop a concept that:

  • Focuses and quantifies positive outcomes
  • Creates a good habit
  • Reflects on positive and substantial experiences

Sketching Ideas

App Concept: The first concept was to take users from a negative to a positive state by inputting positive outcomes of each decision they make and after a period of time they will be reminded to reflect on that.

Task flow of concept 1

How it works:

  • The goal is to change the red bubble to a blue one
  • The user can create new blue bubbles by reflecting on the positive outcomes
  • The user will receive a notification after a period of time to reflect on the positive outcomes
  • The blue bubbles will dismantle the big red bubble and eventually create a big blue bubble that reflects a positive state, in other words, growing the confidence in decision making

What a user thought of the concept:

After conducting usability testing with one user, she thought that the concept is easy to learn and use ,and the app might help her grow her confidence in decision making in the future but she would prefer if she could grow a plant instead.

  • Why can’t you switch the bubbles to a tree
  • bubbles do not reflect growth

UX Methods used: User flows, sketching, participatory design, user testing.

Conducting a Usuability Testing with the User

Growing The Zen Garden

In order to materialise the user’s feedback, I aimed to craft an experience that:

  • Incorporates a relaxing environment
  • Easy of use
  • Is pleasant and rewarding

I sat with the user to learn more about what environment and feel is aesthetically relaxing and pleasing for her and her answers were: 
"a vintage feel, nostalgic, and simplicity. Trees and plans makes me happy".

Design objectives:

  • People feel relaxed and confident using the app
  • Allow people to be curious and amazed on what’s coming next
  • Simple and clear
The Zen Plan
Zen Garden of Positive Outcomes

Finally, I concluded the research with a high-fidelity prototype.
Click here to view the prototype

UX Methods used: Mood Board, Interview, Clickable prototype