She said that I should become someone whom I always wanted to be.
I told her that I should be whatever she needs me to be.

Silence has been broken by the echoes;

Silence that has been keeping them from revolution, from contradiction, and also from disconnection.

The echoes was originated from a “flame”, which ignited an explosion that has shattered the impediment made by the ignorance of the authorities.

What should we do now?
Now that we’re free, we can do whatever we want!

These people have been, since forever, prosecuted, and persecuted, even some were executed for sins that they’ve never made. They are now free to choose what they want to do. To be whomever they always wanted to be. To live a life they have never dreamt about.

However, as sweet as freedom can be, a huge storm will soon clouds the sky. As their minds collide, the concept of freedom is slowly fading. Violence is inevitable, death is starting to plague the city. For after they’re free, they have only been thinking about what they wanted to do, and not what they needed to become.

What is freedom?
Why do we have to be free if we can’t see past our own desires?

Asked a little boy to his mother.

Well, to be able to become who we always want to be, sometimes we need to cross the line and stick to our own desires, even if it includes violence.
And freedom is when we can do whatever we want to do. Be able to become whoever we want to be. And to live a life we always wanted.

Replied his mother.

The little boy cried, as he couldn’t recognise his own mother just from her way of thinking that has changed over a period of time, amidst the chaos that has been going on for quite a long time.

Everyone stopped, they finally realised that their freedom is only an illusion. However, it’s already too late. For they have made their own impediment by their own hands. An impediment that cannot be shattered by the echoes that they had forshape, an impediment that becomes an infinite loop in which they cannot escape.

We don’t want this!
What have we done?
What were we thinking?

They wanted their old life back. They wanted to be organised, even if it means that oppression reigns upon them. They wanted to be what they used to be. They wished they’d think about what they needed, as how they used to think, not about what they wanted. The “flame” has vanished. Quenched by their own thirst for desires.

Thus, ends a society, ruined by greed and ambition. Though seemed ignorant,the authorities were actually watching, and observing. They thought that they have been acting as “gods” for far too long. But they have come to a conclusion that it’s better to be a god, than a messiah that gives people false hope. Or in this case, “freedom”.

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