ZelCore v2.2.8 “Lisbon” Released for Desktop

Zel Official
Nov 24, 2019 · 1 min read

ZelCore v.2.2.8 “Lisbon”

This version mainly brings Daemon encryption and adds support for more assets

Features & Updates

  • Add customizable options for shielding coin in Full Node
  • Add support for daemon-level encryption for all daemon-encryptable wallet.dat files imported into ZelCore Full Node
  • Bitcoin Cash ABC chain split issue resolved
  • Dai renamed to Sai to reflect recent Maker releases
  • Can encrypt your daemon and change encryption password for multiple coins in Full Node
  • Updated Full Node bins for ZEL and ANON
  • Added support for following ERC20 tokens: $HPT, $HBT, $ZB, $MX, $BF, $OKB, $HT
  • Binance USD stable coin now supported

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Written by Zel Technologies, GmbH — 24 November 2019 — Rev. 1

< https://zel.network/project/zelcore/>

Zel Official

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Blog source for all things ZelCash, officially, from the Zel Team | https://zel.network/ | https://twitter.com/Zelcash

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