ZelLabs & Ontology Partner to Add ONT Ecosystem to ZelCore Platform

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Aug 20 · 2 min read

-ZelCore will add ONT/ONG assets to the multi-asset platform
-ZelCore & ONT will explore adding ONT dApps to ZelCore application

ZelCore + Ontology

The Ontology asset ($ONT) will be added to the ZelCore multi-asset platform for custody management in the next major update cycle. ONT holders will also be able to earn ONG from their ONT balance directly inside ZelCore sometime after integration.

ZelLabs and Ontology will continue exploring the benefits of partnership by working together to integrate Ontology dApps with ZelCore. This will allow users to interact with current and future dapps in the same application as the user’s wallet, neatly packaging the entire ecosystem into a single platform.

What is Ontology?

“Ontology is a high-performance public blockchain project and a distributed trust collaboration platform. Ontology blockchain framework supports public blockchain systems and is able to customize public blockchains for applications. Ontology also supports collaboration among chain networks with protocol groups”

See Ontology’s latest Medium article about their Multichain Design

What this means for the Zel Ecosystem

This partnership allows ONT holders to trade and store their assets easily in ZelCore, and introduce both projects to each respective community. Ongoing development and co-marketing will help speed adoption of both the ZEL and ONT ecosystems, helping speed up adoption of both projects within the crypto space.

The Zel Team is excited to share our project with the Ontology community and the larger crypto space in general. The Zel ecosystem consists of:

  • ZEL — cryptocurrency for onboarding and gas model for the Zel ecosystem
  • ZelNodes — scalable, decentralized, enterprise-grade computational network for smart contracts, dapps processing, asset layers, and sidechains (ZelNodes Visual Dashboard)
  • ZelCore — multi-asset wallet and front-end to the Zel ecosystem
  • Zel ID — Authentication/ID system with decentralized 2FA account security layer

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Written by Zel Technologies, GmbH — 20 Aug 2019 — Rev. 1


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