ZelLabsPools Major Updates & Upcoming Roadmap

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Nov 25, 2019 · 2 min read

JeffVader and Cryptowrench have been working tirelessly as they build the best micro-cap project mining pool out there

Completed Updates

ZelLabsPools is maintained and upgraded by the FOMO Miners guys, namely JeffVader (coding) and Cryptowrench (pool ops & infrastructure). They have been putting in massive hours building custom NOMP-based backends as they continually improve ZelLabsPools functionality, coin offering, and UI.

  • New Labs site is live (https://zellabs.net)
  • Now there is a public dev testing page for users to see upcoming features (https://test.zellabs.net)
  • There is a separate ZelLabs Discord channel to help separate support for Zel-specific issues and those for ZelLabs pool and mineable coins (https://discord.gg/BB6CFeh)
  • Users of the privacy-focused Brave Browser can now tip ZelLabs with BAT to help support development. (https://brave.com/zel218)
  • Some additional website customization like changing text contrast with configurator at top right (more to come)

Upcoming Roadmap Items

  • MTP algo will be added to ZelLabsPools (Zcoin, etc.)
  • Real-time stratum monitoring will be implemented
  • New graph library and user-selectable data ranges for graphs
  • Lux RX2 algo will also be added to ZelLabsPools
  • These algo additions will be added to easyNOMP repository

We very much welcome suggestions for upgrades and features, including algorithms/coins to integrate into ZelLabsPools. If you have a suggestion, please join the ZelLabs Discord server and post your suggestions!

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Written by Zel Technologies, GmbH — 25 November 2019 — Rev. 1


Zel Official

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