ZelLabsPools New Features & Updates

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Nov 10, 2019 · 3 min read

Website & pools updates, masternode status pages, getting ready for Raptoreum (RTM) mainnet launch, and more

What is ZelLabsPools?

ZelLabsPools is our feature-rich, continuously updated mining pool project to help support new and micro-cap crypto projects. Sometimes, if newer projects either don’t get lucky or don’t have many mining contacts, the coin is forced to use stock mining pool setups that are laggy, buggy, or hard to use. ZelLabs aims to add popular new coins along with stable POW projects to create a large mining community.

The pool was started to help the Zel Network spread hash power when single large pools would routinely have over 50% of Zel hash. The project grew to helping other coins distribute their net hash and offer advanced pool features beyond stock S-Nomp or Yiimp. Currently ZelLabsPools is graciously ran by the FOMO Miners guys, namely JeffVader and CryptoWrench, so thank you guys! JeffVader handles 90%+ of the coding and integration while CryptoWrench works on infrastructure, pool ops, and debugging.

Pools Updates & Features

Raptoreum (RTM) Next Added Coin

The FOMO guys are working with the Raptoreum team to be ready for the RTM mainnet launch, scheduled for November 18th, and is ready for the public at this repo. Raptoreum uses an innovative POW algorithm called “GhostRider” to maintain ASIC/FPGA resistance, is built from the Ravencoin asset layer, and adds in useful masternodes. ZelLabs is also building open-source backend for other pools to utilize during mainnet to help spread the hash of this new project.

New Main Landing & Info Page

The landing page is currently under construction to give miners a quick overview of all available pool coins and a peek at the network and mining stats. View here

New Masternode/ZelNode Stats Pages

Stats pages for coins that support masternode systems. The ZelNodes page shows advanced stats, similar to our ZelNode Dashboard page. Miners can view network stats, coin price info, node locations, etc. View here

Helping Smaller Pools & New Projects Add Features

CryptoWrench and Vader have been working with smaller pools add custom features for S-Nomp, like custom payout amounts and Discord notifications, to make the Zel mining options more and more robust. As coins are added to ZelLabsPool, the team will also commit new codebase for quality-of-life adjustments if necessary to help the coin launch new pools.

Updating & Maintaining S-Nomp Backend

FOMO is working on cleaning up and maintaining multiple new features for the S-Nomp repo so other pool operators can take advantage of important updates.

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Written by Zel Technologies, GmbH — 06 November 2019 — Rev. 1


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