Zen Tale — A Promise of Nirvana

2 young men found a very old manuscript in an abandoned bookstore. It offered steps one can take towards the attainment of enlightenment. One of those steps written in the old pages was to refrain from physical contact with members of the opposite sex for 90 days.

They took a pact to follow these steps to achieve the ultimate experience — Enlightenment.

One day they were walking through a forest surrounded by beautiful nature when they came upon the sounds of a person in distress.

They moved deeper into the woods and came upon a woman who had fallen into a hole.

One of the young men stopped, he thought about the pact they had made and how maybe he should just let someone else be the one to help. After all he didn’t want to risk his ultimate goal and not attain Enlightenment.

Meanwhile his friend was already more than halfway through helping carry the woman out of the hole.

After this, they proceeded on their walk but his friend was quite distraught that he had chosen to assist the woman without thinking things through more carefully.

He blurted out, “How could you have made contact with that woman!”

“My friend, I simply picked up the woman and brought her to safety. You are the one that is still carrying her.”