Truth Always Prevails: The Roman Empire Martyred Jesus Christ

Zen van Nihil

Discourse by: Aaron R. Ziegler (Zen van Nihil).
The Esoteric Conspiracy Brought to Light. 
The Roman Empire Martyred Jesus Christ. 
Truth Always Prevails.

In this theological philosophy of religion discourse. I will be discussing the legalistic jurisprudence of antiquity used by the Roman Empire and the Roman Occupied Judea-Israel to answer the question: “Who truly martyred Jesus Christ.” The answer is actually the Roman Empire. Allow me to explain.

Tiberius Caesar (successor to Augustus Caesar) was the central conspirator behind the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was humiliated, tortured, and executed by Roman Legionnaires. Crucifixion was a form of execution reserved for killing those deemed as Enemies of the Roman Empire. According to legalistic jurisprudence of antiquity, if the Jewish people had killed Christ, according to the laws of Jewish people, Jesus Christ would have been stoned to death. The entire process of torture and humiliation in a crown of thorns was symbolic to those who threatened Caesar’s rule directly. The Roman Empire was currently occupying Judea-Israel and the tell-tale sign the Romans were opportunistically using the complaints of their Jewish Puppet Elites was the Romans excuse for killing Jesus Christ, a Messianic Revolutionary loved by the people and hated by the Roman Establishment Elite for Christ was martyred as an Enemy of Caesar and Rome. The Roman execution method of Crucifixion was for Enemies of Caesar and Rome, albeit how convenient it was for Pontius Pilate served as governor who beheld a man that was the leading figure in the uprising, rebellion, and revolution against Caesar and the Roman Imperium’s most rebellious occupied province. Crucifixion was reserved for the enemies of the Roman Empire and the Crown of Thorns was very symbolic for Jesus Christ being considered a direct threat to Tiberius Caesar. The Roman Empire sentenced and convicted Jesus Christ as a opposing threat and enemy of the Roman Empire and Caesar.

“Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s / Render unto God what is God’s”
- Jesus Christ

Render unto Caesar: The Lord of the World
Tiberius Caesar ruled during the time of Jesus Christ. Tiberius was the successor to Augustus Caesar, Augustus Caesar had claimed to be a divine incarnate eternal god-king of Rome which Tiberius wished to uphold in his dynasties reign; the existence of Jesus Christ in his message to be the Son of God, God Incarnate, as the Lord of All Lords come to redeem all of mankind as its savior. For Jesus Christ in his divine revolution brought an uprising emboldened among the vast majority of the populist Jews in their rebellion against the Roman Imperial Elites and Puppet Jewish Leaders over the Roman Occupied States of Judea and Israel. The Roman Empire opportunistically carried out the punishment of humiliation, torture, and crucifixion as the Roman Empire reserved for those it viewed as its contemptuous enemies for only Enemies of Rome who failed to Render unto Caesar were crucified. The problem is that people do not like having their illusions destroyed where people such as myself by challenging ourselves by entertaining ideas without fully accepting them.

During the times of Christ, the Roman Empire occupied and truly governed Judea-Israel through their puppet King Herod. The Roman Empire used the opulently decadent King Herod as a mere figurehead for the true rule of Caesar through the Roman Governor Pontius Pilate. Despite Caesar’s inability to homogenize Judea-Israel to Pax Romana for Zion was the most rebellious province of Roman Occupation. The true leader of Zion in the times of Roman Imperial Occupation of Judea-Israel happened to be God’s Anointed One in the Jewish Revolutionary and Messianic Savior of Mankind, Jesus Christ. The Anointed Son of God of Jesus Christ who when he was manifested as a man upon this earth lived a benevolent, honest, and altruistic life dedicated to the service of Humanity. Jesus Christ in his life according to the Gospels, one could not find any deed or statement deemed as an offense unless towards the elitist ruling class.

Truth: Jesus Christ was born in 8 BCE and was martyred in 25 CE