1 BILLION Miles at Zendrive: Big Data to Drive Safety Forward

Today marks an important milestone for us at Zendrive. We are proud to announce that we have collected and analyzed 1 BILLION miles of driving data. What’s 1 billion miles? That’s 4,186 trips to the moon and enough to circle the Earth 40,000 times!

As the largest and fastest growing leader in driver safety innovation, Zendrive has unrivaled visibility into driver behavior and modern transportation patterns.


To accelerate Zendrive’s growth, we are excited to announce the launch of Life360 Driver Protect, a new service powered by Zendrive on the Life360 app. This product features Automatic Crash Detection, Emergency Response, Safe Drive Reviews, and Extended Roadside Assistance to the app’s users, and helps to create a family of better, safer drivers. With this product, Zendrive’s technology helps provide peace of mind to families on the road.

“Life360 is the world’s leading family app with more than 50 million families. This new partnership helps us to further Zendrive’s mission of using big data and technology to save lives.”
- Jonathan Matus, CEO of Zendrive

Democratizing Access to Life-Saving Driver Safety Technology to Millions

Comprehensive driver safety services used to only be available through expensive, in-vehicle hardware diagnostic systems. Using mobile software, Zendrive is helping partners like Life360 democratize access to driver safety features.

Smartphones allow us to bring supercomputers rich with sensors into every vehicle, making telematics and road safety available to the masses.

According to a recent analysis by the National Safety Council, the number of traffic fatalities during the first 5 months of 2016 (15,430) was 9% higher than during the same period in 2015 (14,210) and 17% higher than the same period in 2014 (13,167).

It is now more important than ever that we make a committed effort to bringing life-saving technology into the hands of every driver and passenger.

“For Life360 Driver Protect, we sought to find a partner with the best, most reliable technology. We spent over 6 months rigorously testing and vetting various companies, and were particularly impressed with Zendrive Collision Detection. We are confident that by choosing to work with Zendrive, we can provide our users the safety they can trust and give families everywhere further peace of mind.”
- Alex Haro, Co-founder and President of Life360

Exponential Growth to Power Insights

Zendrive’s data is accelerating rapidly. Through our partnership with Life360 and new customers including TruckerLine, WaiveCar and Zaiuto, our data will continue growing rapidly every month.

With billions of miles of driving data, Zendrive can provide unmatched, actionable insights and analytics. This scale makes possible the ability to provide powerful data services for cities, autonomous vehicle manufacturers and insurers globally.

Together with our partners, Zendrive is using big data and mobile technology to drive safety forward.

To use the Life360 Driver Protect service now, download the Life360 app on Android or iOS, or visit https://www.life360.com/driverprotect for more information.

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Originally published at Zendrive Blog.