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Naomi Z.

Obamacare — Healthcare ACAaccess

By Naomi Tong 06–17–2015

Everybody, Every way are talking about behind the President Obama’s secret. Let me clear. She had nature gene blood problems since she’s 4. The heavy headache is causing her life every day. She’s finding the way because there was no one, no doctor and no medical school can help her. A day by accident, she found out something amazing from “nuclear weapon”. That is really work. But in between, she’s going to a big change for hearing to get chance on going to Washington DC. Unfortunately, the insurance company stop her insurance contract because they found out all kinds biggest problems in her body blood. She’s very sad and never meet her husband Obamacare. But I remember that her husband said that “ whatever your health problem small or big. That’s find. He’ll facing together. It’s guarantee from him. He knows she’s problem. She can’t without that chemical weapon for a live. Other people are strongly rejected her. That’s why she’s going to start fight what’s health care reform law. Ever Mr. President Obama earlier signed affordable care act in to law. But most people don’t understand it. Because that’s the biggest secret in the world. It’s also called religion charter’s one kind of Chrystal ( IC ) affect’s and marijuana indeed medication. Most people are just knowing the outside as a drugs or poison staff. But I found and understand that all the different like surgeon medicine. It’s medical manufactery one kind of develop in all periods of the world for stop pain or surgical and other use purpose. From ancient time, they won’t tell you the true. Even they are going to tell you, you won’t believe it. They though you are crazy. You see, All because she’s try so hard, dispute up and down to fight for the right and saving the best important weapon to protect our kids and communities safe and great. Whatever she’s family or friends in contrast to reject her. She’s getting stress front every way. Specific the Police. She and her husband knows they’ll understand later. Infact, millions people already stand on it. That’s our innovation progress. We continued to promote it, developed it and more. Since that our health care products, systems, supplements, machines, either science, education and every thing had a lot different. A lots people because her became very successful and famous, A lots people because her to have another chance, A lots people because her ad more income, A lots people because her became more smarter and intelligent, It’s her love, her heart, her spirit mind and ideas to influence, shout to, rebuild a century. In her lovely, no rule, no win or lost, no right or false. Only there are 2 fool hand to hand, heart to heart, simpleminded love each other side. Simpleminded live on, simpleminded through every good and bad stuff. To making this world more beautiful, more smart, more honestly, more health and shine. In 2012, why china president Jianping Xi came here for celebrate “ Five star, I proud of you” than unite state joined from every different countries. This was what Naomi Tong fight for health care reform law. Resolved the problems. Also it’s President Obama, other Presidents and all other success exploit can’t direct to tell you why. We don’t care every opposition faction or how heard to get through. Either a bundle of difficulties. We do the right things. Day by day, year by year it just long walking. Almost seven years, 7 years! Her husband President Obama did not give up and all the way with over patients to protect and wait for her real stand up to explain fair back to him. Showing to other and saying she’s much better and healthier. But he know. She’s talking more because she have to finish more improvement. Whatever our blood has destined or after. We all can live more better. Because affordable care act, healthcare reform law give us more safe and great. Of course more health. It’s he and she bear each other from Chicago, Florida to Hawaii. From human right, civil right to patient right and more. Finally for her own women’s right. From Harvard law school to medicine innovation. She suppose have an diploma in 2013. Created, connect, research institute, develop source for nonprofits foundations, program project and more. All those spirits mind and heart, ideas that you have to ad more. Now what it’s establish OFA campaign about. We propelling women unacceptable high levels of violence, from workplace policies, the struggle to and discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender person’s freedom right. Specific injury third party honestly love. We admit we love each other side whatever what happen? what you look like it? We love our kids and the world. We didn’t broke each other side’s family or any other associations or any departments. Opposite, we were hard putting all in. Got hurt-self, cause own family to create miracles new world, the fundamental principles to administer her own country, prosperity of our nation, defense capability… So, we’ll announce next reopen our 21 century healthcare in American success became and provide higher education.

If you don’t know the true. Don’t make any decision. You shall listen and learn 1st or find out by you own. Don’t became drug abuse or violence to someone else like a women or a kids. — — — — Naomi Tong (they call me as Obama)