Cisco Live : discover your future private Cloud in one click.

Nestincloud will be present this year at Cisco Live event held on February 20–24 in Berlin, Germany. The best opportunity to present “Agility Bubble”, the perfect way to build a private Cloud in a fast and secure way.

We are so excited to have been selected by our partner Cisco to participate at Cisco Live, the huge technical event that brings together the best technology trends. This is a great opportunity for us to present Nestincloud that is powering the heart of the integrated Cisco Agility Bubble.

What is it about ?

Nestincloud is inscribed in the DevOps approach and allows you to deploy and manage your digital containerized applications.

Cisco and Nestincloud have merged their most modern technologies to offer, to all types of organisations, the easiest way to build a private Cloud.

What do we mean ? It’s quite simple :

  • First of all, Nestincloud is a new generation of integrated PaaS with a wide range of features that completely frees your team of all infrastructure constraints when developing their apps. Developers can set-up their technical environments fast, in less than 30 seconds.
  • Secondly, it takes only 15 seconds to build and run the app, without any specific skills.
  • And last but not least, you’re instantly production ready. Complete log management, monitoring, metrics, autoscaling and self healing work out the box, no hassle.

To create the Agility Bubble, we’ve combined our technology with Cisco’s ACI and UCS platforms. ACI is a great addition to Nestincloud as it makes it possible to perfectly isolate each application’s network without a performance penalty. Moreover, customers can finely connect one application to their existing systems. USC allows to easily provision and extend Nestincloud’s resources, in an automated and uniform way.

Cisco hardware follows the same philosophy as Nestincloud with the same level of agility, flexibility, high performances and security, by design.

This association offers a unique opportunity to quickly build your private Cloud: in one click and with guaranteed security.

Where can you find us ?

Tony and Jean-François, our team leaders, will be waiting for you on February 23–24 at our demo booth in the DevNet zone. A demo along with a detailed presentation will be available for you there.

If you wish to get in touch with us say: