TED Talks (Bill Campbell) “Games”

Games are waste of time, many people are like “I hate Games” it’s just a waste of time usually people regret frequently expressed on death bed.

  1. I wish i hadn’t worked so hard
  2. I wish i stayed in touch with my friend
  3. I with i had let my self be happier
  4. I wish i had the courage to express my true self.
  5. I wish i’d lived a life true to my dreams instead of what others expected from me.

but as far as we know no body had stated that i wish i had enough time to play video games.100s of people plays online video games with friend and family it’s a “relationship management tool”.

adopting secret identity game intervene so powerful sometimes in serious cases. it better helps to be clear about your goals.

Post traumatic growth.

4 types of traumatic growth.

  1. Physical resilience
  2. Mental resilience
  3. Emotional resilience
  4. Social resilience

The lady innovate the game when she was suffering from chronic diseases and when she was nothing to do except suicide and then she choose how to get from it, it is not like that her pain feel lesser after playing video game that she invented but it distressed her from mental illness and now she became stronger enough to help people around the world from her game by helping them to get rid of mental illness and physical pain doesn’t lasts forever so do mental.