TED Talks “Our Approach to Innovation is dead wrong” by Diana Kander

idea, business plan, investment, product and customers according to your plan. “Every one has a plan UNTIL they get punch on the FACE”

we spent more time in planning and building rather than researching that whether our product is required in the market or not because human behavior is quite difficult to predict.

value of adjustments is very important “we have to stop teaching innovators they have to be future tellers instead they have to teach them they have to be detectors real world in action

we are force to believe in facts rather than on fiction. we became so busy to try to think or act to think out of the box that we sometimes losses our common sense to use. We act more worse than a child in kinder garten as we feel so pressurize to behave like what we are suppose to do and for that we start working with initial/partial planning we became so busy in focusing for what is next rather than focusing on what to do next.