TED Talks “The Secret of Innovation”

To innovate or not to innovate, value of innovation is more important now a days, Creative Talent, energy (termination and time) and method (stages, exploration, solutions) this is what organization needs.

Individual, team, targets risk and freedom.

Innovation in organization is not a solo game it requires team to make an effort in good team people connect with each other in bad teams eagle clash to make a break through and reconnect. Innovation can be very radical, system to deliver targets, creative problem solving groups. your target must be clear.Culture, behavior and norms. Idea freedom engagement humor and risk, there is serial idea killer lurking inside us to avoid this you to to engage people.

Engagement is an unwritten contract to help every individual in growth in organization, humor builds anxiety and stress it invites to see things for different points/perspectives, promote ideas on freedom, nurture to summarize innovation happens when the sources of creativity are mobilized in an organized structure. Thinking is not enough as it has no action or results and action is different. Action is no more words no more blah blah.

Failure is good for innovation “There must be reward success and celebrate failure” as failure is not the end it is the beginning of new thing with past experience to try new and what not to do.