It is the end of week 5 and so far these 5 weeks have been up and down to say the least. I have had moments of pure joy and truimph while also having moments of depression and frustration. I would say that it has been a very positive experience overall and I am thankful that we have a small class size to allow ample 1 on 1 time with the instructor Lexi. This is a key factor for me because I typically am the type who doesn’t ask a lot of questions and just trys to figure stuff out on his own. I have found that it is really hard to succeed using that methodology in this class so I am grateful that I have been able to break out of my shell and not be afraid to ask a dumb question or two. I really enjoy my classmates, I think they are all great people and extremely knowledgable/ helpful on most subjects. I also like that we all have different strengths/ weaknesses so that makes us quite the diverse group. I also have been stressed a bit because I have been getting sick in quite an unusual fashion and with lots of frequency. It has allowed me to get behind quite a bit so this in turn has worn on my concience. I am just super grateful for the amazing support around me. Wether this be Lexi, Fielding, Stacy, my classmates, or my Family, they have all shown a great deal of support and compassion for my health and I am eternally grateful. I just pray my health holds up but I think if I’m able to stay healthy throughout the rest of the course than I should be fine. Fingers crossed!

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