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Recently Instagram Announced new featured called Guides. Testing began last week for wellness influencers, organisations, and publications.

The feature essentially allows creators to curate their content such as images, videos & text in one place. A way to create more engaging and meaningful content. While viewing guide you can see posts and videos that the creator has curated, paired with helpful tips and advice. You can tap on the image or video to view the specific post.

The minute you open Instagram, you are bombarded with a series of Instagram lives. This big influencer is live with a clothing brand, discussing at-home dressing styles. The further you scroll you see IGTV videos made out of TikTok challenges. And, then there are throwback posts and not-so-needed motivation video by a car brand.

Well, we have a problem. The problem of plenty.

How is this a problem?
Little is insufficient, plenty is inefficient.

So there’s a shoe brand recommending you movies to watch. A food brand comes up with a bingo you can’t connect to and comic vlogger is…


Facebook recently announced Facebook Shops — Which will be going to support small businesses around the world. This is the big-time update which was recently announced by Mark Zuckerberg. It will surely be going to help many businesses.

This new launch will show you about the brand and its featured products of the shop whenever you’re visiting the shop, and you can make a purchase from there itself(in the US). Shops are native and fast, which means no more click drops during the purchase journey users can make the purchase in the app itself. There will be a dedicated shopping…

If you have ever set foot in the premises of an agency, you’d see two kinds of people, the words people and the design people. Who, as history has it, seldom operate without friction. But if the content is considered the king, the design is the queen and together, they make the kingdom of every agency. Now, there’s no bias here because even as a writer I am fully aware that both are equally dependent on each other. Let’s be honest, a good copy may pass unnoticed if not backed by good design. …

Technology tends to create a need for things we never knew we needed. When Facebook came in the year 2004, it ended up redefining networking and virtual interaction the way Orkut couldn’t. There was a massive shift from Yahoo Messengers to a website that allowed us to explore the possibility of meeting absolute strangers but in a non-creepy way. It also introduced us to the means of staying connected with friends and acquaintances effortlessly. There came a point where it helped us with a task as simple as remembering and wishing friends on their birthday.

But around the time Facebook started getting clutter, in 2012 came in Instagram. This application which was supremely easy to use, helped many people rediscover their love for visual aesthetics amidst the verbose world of Facebook. In many ways, Instagram became something Facebook never could be. It harboured a sense of positivity, an immensely strong visual hold and an influx of content that people could relate at a very intimate level.

We can talk a lot about where Facebook started drifting away, but to understand the points of uniqueness understanding what Instagram did right is integral. Ever since its establishment…

Haven’t all of us heard “human beings are social animals” at least once in our lives? The advent of social media and the need for instant gratification has reestablished this statement. It is no secret that the advertising industry thrives on people’s need to relate. But it’s imperative to remember that loyalty can’t be bought with paid campaigns and catchy copies. It takes a lot more; a human touch is one of the key ingredients.

Every campaign that has a longer life span on social media has the community they nurtured to credit. Like the Levis’ campaign caters to independent…

by #theideapeople

Advertising is a necessary evil in today’s time. It is one of the utmost vital aspects of growing any business and letting it reach to the world en masse. Most of the world’s notable brands were built on the back of strong advertising strategy, and whether your organisation is big or small, you too can benefit from a carefully considered agency. One way towards achieving this goal is to opt for an advertising agency that helps you put together your strategy in an actionable campaign. There is no denying fact you need the best fit agency to execute your ideas…

Today, social media evolution has created a number of challenges for brands and marketers all over the world. A decline in popularity of traditional media, ad blockers, and more sophisticated tastes from audience requires exceptional methods to drive brand awareness. That’s where influencer marketing comes in. Probably the strongest tool in today’s digital environment — influencer marketing is all about spreading the product through word of mouth from the right person, on the right social media channel, to the right audience.

Dips. Dessert. Etc. wall graffiti by Zero Gravity Communications

Yet another fun #branding assignment!

the idea people!

The idea people are equipped with a clear design thinking to employ a human centric problem solving approach to create experiences.

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