Expect the Unexpected : TGP : “The Goa Project 2015"

People, this species make planet earth interesting subject to live on.

Meeting diverse group of people helps simulate the thinking beyond our limited scope and sometimes set routine. Source of an ideas could be the most unexpected space when we give up inhibitions, allow our subconscious to go beyond. Trigger could be a most unorthodox source. Designers, Artists, Start Ups, Creators, Does — thinks and entrepreneurs are such people who always excel on their own way.

It started in relaxed way, so relaxed we had no clue when it ended

A chance to listen to them was “The Goa Project”. Having heard a lot about it, I decided to be present this year “#TGP2015". So, truly this conference was ‘un-conference’ as they call on their website starting from organiser’s mood to, seriousness of schedule. Speakers screening came out as poor choice at some end but on the other end some rare people and their even rare ideas came in light as new opportunity and door openers. As they say life isn’t a perfect match of all so wasn’t ‘the goa project”. But then it is “Goa” which inspite of being in India takes you away in another orbit.

It was the most interesting section for all

City attracts art and free minded so quickly that in most unstructured way that I met some really amazing souls who quickly became friends, already friends became more personal, social media acquaintances became known … and I learnt a bit of life, mental peace, along side friends for life.

Where does it all take my start up ?
Perspective, gaining a fresh outlook to what you are doing in routine and what new one needs to be introduced.
Disconnecting with your own start-up to allow it to go in auto mode, helps you to identity and plug the area where you need to work harder.

Amongst all, there are few sincere speakers who bought in light their rare and amazing initiatives that open our mind to possibilities that a thinker can bring to society. You can plan your city’s next version, you can train your mind to empower possibilities, making a documentary on subjects that goes to explore fan’s of Rajnikant, VCs know how to play games better than you not just in real like but on board games too. Design is not just design but chance, a thought , a change, a science. A role play could be so real that you reflect you life in most comic way. I wish we had a little bit more of such but at the end it is at “Goa” so can’t complain much.

So , is there next time for us ?

That is also going to be as un-expect as the event was.

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