Zero Weekend Project :W1

Creativity redefined over weekend

How to make your creative team look forward to Monday ?
Birds don't’ just fly but also adds wings to our imagination

Here we used our best minds and came up with this “idea” that ensures that team is creatively charged enough to look forward to coming week.

We are driven by our passion for the work that we do throughout the week. However, we are not machines and sometimes the routines and deadlines we follow tend to affect our creativity in a way that they become shackles instead of tools of creativity. In order to escape the monotony and repetitions, every weekend the entire team goes out to observe, to learn from, to appreciate the unmethodical yet sensible liberty that nature can afford.

Catching them unexpected is the fun

So we have officially unofficial working on weekend and we call it “Zero Weekend Project”

Beauty is never formed but is always discovered

These weekends not only balance out the linearity of the weekdays but also ensure that our creative energies are not constrained by any patterns.

This process of balancing disciplined professionalism with the right amount of chaotic, unmethodical, random, unsystematic escapades is what stimulates our energies.

We believe, creativity starts from zero and make sure it only goes upwards from there for our coming next week.

There we are in lap of nature, making the most out of our weekend in Ahmedabad

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