Resistance? What Resistance?

Ever since Donald Trump’s Rubicon moment, a group of brave, selfless individuals have been actively waging political guerilla warfare to help protect immigrants, trans people, ethnic minorities and anyone else not luck enough to be born into the bastion of privilege that is the white, heterosexual male. Without sleep, without hope of success, they fight on, knowing each day could be their last… and by now I’m sure you’ve realised I’m taking the piss.

This is the resistance to Donald Trump, a bunch of left-wing individuals who have decided that disagreeing with someone politically means you’re entitled to don the mantle of a [keyboard] freedom fighter, and fight the good fight from the safety of your laptop.

Now sure you can choose to contest political policies and actions you don’t like. You can protest. You can become an activist, but calling yourself the resistance? Who are you resisting? Donald Trump? He hasn’t even built his wall yet, let alone concentration camps with forced death marches. Your choices are not between betraying your friends or slitting your throat, as one French civil servant did in 1940 rather than help the Germans.

If you protest the police will not arrest you. There will be no knock on the door in the middle of the night. Your family will not be censured with loss of prospects or prison as happens in Turkey. If you make fun of Trump you will not find yourself accused of insulting the head of state or besmirching your religion.

So don’t make yourselves out to be something you aren’t. Instead learn from your mistakes. Ask yourselves why people voted for Trump. Why they support his policies. That way you might learn something that can help you a lot more than your smug, self-satisfied, self-righteous tag of resistance. You might even realise how to succeed in your contest with Donald Trump.