Why Your Business Should Be Akin To A Person, Not Just A Brand

‘People buy on Emotion, and justify it with Logic’

Psychology plays a big role in consumers deciding which brands they choose to buy products from. Emotions, and personal and social identity impacts the decision of choosing to buy from one brand over another. How we feel towards a company, how we view ourselves, and the role we play within our social groups, are all important factors in deciding where to buy our products — rather than simply comparing price and product features between competitors.

Personal and Social Identity is important to us humans as we seek to ‘fit in’ with our social group, yet also have an element of individuality. We buy and use/wear products from particular brands to express ourselves and our views. Example of this may be choosing to wear the latest on-trend style of coat, an eco-friendly brand of clothing, or makeup that is not tested on animals.

Rather than simply relying on price or other specific features, focusing on human emotional decision-making factors can be an effective marketing strategy. If you were a florist, you may choose to focus on the benefits of a consumer treating themselves to a new bouquet of flowers, rather than their features. You may talk about how the fresh aroma of the freshly cut stems makes you feel good, and how waking up to them looking pretty in the window lights up your day — rather than simply talking about their price and how many stems you receive for your order.

Notice the difference?

You may wish to take it one step further and form a brand that connects with your target market’s identity and future aspirations. You may want to show you are very ‘techy’, ‘savvy’, ‘eco-friendly’, or ‘fun and adventurous’.

Humans want to be associated with brands that fit the mould of their social groups as well, and thus these groups often heavily influence our personal individual buying decisions. Social Groups are often friendship groups, or ‘keeping up with the Jones’s’ in the neighbourhood or at work. You may wish to purchase an Apple Macbook because that’s what everyone in your office is using and you don’t want to be the ‘odd one out’, you may wish to purchase a baby product that’s organic because that’s what everyone in your mums group is using, etc.

One way you can begin to craft this association and influence the emotional decision making process, is to build trust and confidence by creating thought-provoking content that resonates with the customer (their needs, wants, and problems), and putting it where they can see and interact with it.

Writing effective blog posts that spark a feeling or emotion in your customer is just one example of a great way to start conversation. You can then start to build up an engaged online audience and convey trust and confidence, by talking to them in a way that resonates with their problems and emotions, and actively shows them solutions.

From here you can start a relationship and guide them through your customer journey that will provide them with all the information they need to make a choice as to whether they choose you over your competitors.

Not sure where to begin? We can help. Have a look at how here — http://www.zestformedia.com

Natalie Chappell

Zest For Media

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LinkedIn Lead Generation Experts. http://www.zestformedia.com

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Zest For Media

Zest For Media

LinkedIn Lead Generation Experts. http://www.zestformedia.com

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