Cryptocurrency With Brand New Code -The Lithium ICO

The Lithium Project is the latest addition to cryptocurrency world. The project was inspired by another cryptocurrency named of Clarity, but sports 100% new source code. The primary objective of this project is to deliver a secure financial platform for transactions. The Lithium Project is backed up by a 100% new code, which has been developed in C#. It has 30,000,000 coins and a proof of transaction system. The block times of Lithium measure 60 seconds and the block reward would be 2 coins. It offers a yearly interest of 3.5% .

The official launch of the Lithium ICO took place within the first week of 2017. However, the development team has released its Web Wallet and Android Wallet prior to the official release. Even though the Web Wallet of Lithium was not initially within the scope of the prelaunch, the team figured out the importance of launching with one. In fact, the Web Wallet can provide access to Lithium for a broader audience.

The Web Wallet works on all the major internet browsers, and comes with an interface that can easily be used . The Web Wallet would conveniently increase the number of people who join the Lithium project. The development team has even released a beta exchange for lithium. The full version will be released for public use after the ICO is completed successfully The impressive features that are associated with Lithium will soon make it popular contender.

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