“Maybe Zeuss Juice, doesn’t come from a store.
Maybe Zeuss Juice, means a little bit more.”

The Perks of Zeuss Juice:

As stated above, we want to REWARD the early community members that choose to support our project. Dr. Zeuss (@ZeussCapital on Twitter) and the Zeuss World team have packaged some special utility features for Zeuss Juice that you DO NOT want to miss!

Want in?

MINT A ZEUSS JUICE. After the Zeuss Private Party, we will open the doors of the @ZeussWorld Twitter account and make it public.

Mint Details:

Zeuss Juice mint will go LIVE on June 17th, at 9 PM EST. This will be an OPEN mint available to everyone. First come first serve. The Mint price will be .065 ETH per mint with a max of 10 mints per transaction. HINT: There are 20x “Mystic Zeuss Juice” and 5x “Legendary Zeuss Juice” in the mix of 1000 (ALL Legendaries are in the first 500). These will have a special role in the mutation process down the road, as well as instant bounties upon reveal. Moral of the story? Get some Zeuss Juice.



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Welcome to Zeuss World ⚡️ A Private NFT club in the Metaverse featuring 7,777 Gods terrorizing the Ethereum Blockchain