Zeuss World Genesis Collection

The team at Zeuss World is proud to announce the release of the LAST collection of the project - The Zeuss World Genesis Collection!

Before we get into this article we want to shout out our amazing team at Zeuss World, we COULD NOT have done all of this without the time and dedication you’ve put in. 1000’s of hours have gone into the making of this collection and we are so excited to share it with you. Let's get into it…

Over the last few months, our team has been observing the NFT market in its current state, we’ve noticed certain obstacles that projects are encountering and have been working to find the best way(s) to go about the release of the Genesis Collection to bring the most value to our community.

The first obstacle we want to tackle is creating a revenue model to support the project's longevity and adds value to our holders. The widely used methods have been to keep creating more collections, apparel sales, royalties, and attaching tokens to the project to raise funds. At Zeuss World, we decided it was time to try a different approach. With the sole focus of creating as much value in the Genesis Collection as possible, all updates will continue to happen inside the Genesis Collection rather than diluting the project with even more collections. What this means is that the mutation will be done INSIDE the Genesis Collection via The Portal Marketplace… something we would like to introduce you to later in this article.

Another controversy in the current NFT market has been changing metadata to help incentivize long term holding and to dictate the floor price. The problem? The risk of destroying liquidity. This leads to trapping your holders as they can’t sell, along with losing confidence with current holders and potential new investors. We get it, as the market is very challenging right now & liquidity is low. Though we’ve observed issues with changing metadata, we believe we can utilize the tool of metadata alteration in a positive and revolutionary way.

“The Genesis Collection looks to be the FIRST customizable collection through the Portal Marketplace; Enter the portal into the land of Zeuss World.”

The Portal Marketplace unlocks the ability to customize your NFT with new trait upgrades. The Portal will feature all of these traits to purchase & customize your Genesis NFT. These may include new limited-release items with capped supply, weapons, backgrounds, collaboration traits from other projects, holiday/event-themed traits, and much more. Remember, once you purchase a new trait, the trait it replaces will forever be changed. This means traits are also deflationary adding value to OG Genesis Collection traits. The Portal Marketplace will also feature a limited edition mutation which can only be purchased with a Zeuss Juice (meaning Zeuss Juice is also deflationary — holding onto a Zeuss Juice could pay off down the road…). The animated Mystic and Legendary Zeuss Juices will be able to purchase hand-built custom mutations ONLY available to each. We also believe The Portal Marketplace will open the doors for P2E games to upgrade your characters and make them more powerful, which we will be looking into for Zeuss World Genesis when the time comes.

How to access the Portal Marketplace

At first, The Portal Marketplace will only be accessible to exclusive members of the community who earn the “Portal Pass”. This pass cannot be purchased but must be earned. We will be handing these out to hand-picked members of the community that demonstrate support, engagement, and commitment to the Zeuss World Project. Once earned, the wallet AND Portal Pass will be implemented into the portal system, so these cannot be transferred. The first 200 minters will automatically be whitelisted for a Portal Pass. BE EARLY AND BE READY.

The Portal Marketplace opens up another door, Zeuss Warrior Trait Quests through Stake2Earn. These quests will give the community an opportunity to band together and complete various quests in Zeuss World through staking. Different quests call for different equipped warriors.

For example, a quest may call for 50 NFTs equipped with the Zeuss World Battle Umbrella staked within a given time frame. The Battle Umbrella wields immense power as well as protection to take on the strongest beasts of Zeuss World. If successful, every staked NFT will be awarded a new trait, in this instance, Diamond Plated Battle Umbrella.

These trait awards will ONLY be attainable through these quests and not available in the marketplace. Let's conquer Zeuss World together and take back what is ours!


The Zeuss World DAO is another feature we plan to implement. This will be a club for the serious holders that hold 10 Genesis NFTs or a 1/1 legendary. The DAO will be funded at a starting point of $10,000. DAO participants will then vote on different investment strategies with this treasury as well as profit allocation. This will be a good way to learn traditional crypto charting/trading setups, risk management, NFT/micro-cap gem hunting, sports betting, and more with the Zeuss World team.


The Zeuss World Genesis Collection will mint on Saturday, September 17th at 9 PM EST. The mint will be .065 ETH. We originally stated that the Zeuss Genesis mint would be higher than the Zeuss Juice mint, but ETH has gone up almost 50% in value since. Getting more community members involved and getting to sell out is more important with current market conditions so we can get to the fun parts of the project. The Zeuss World Genesis will contain a supply of 7,777 NFTs. We will perform the Zeuss Juice Genesis airdrop once we reach 50% sellout. The ETH merge is happening now so we are prepared to adapt and make any changes necessary. We are a community, and it’s time to unlock the true potential of Zeuss World, together.


We always like to reward early supporters, and this time is no different. The 1/1 pieces will be manually placed, with Poseidon and Zeus being in the FIRST 500 mints! These are 2 of the most valuable pieces in the collection and we want our early supporters to rock these gems. There is also an Easter egg hidden throughout the whole collection… Once the code is cracked, whoever solves the puzzle will claim their treasure and The Portal Marketplace will activate!

Hint: There are 12 pieces that complete this puzzle… Good Luck

Oh, and Operation Meta Millionz… let’s talk about that next time.

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