“Selling is not a pushy, winner-takes-all, macho act. 💪💰 It is an empathy-led 💙, process-driven ☑️, and knowledge-intensive 🧠 discipline. Because, in the end, people buy from people.” 🤝

Subroto Bagchi, Co-founder of Mindtree

I don’t think I could have said it better myself! Ditch the stereotype of the used car salesman in the bright-colored jacket with slick-back hair shouting at you on TV.

Forget the Gordon Gecko “greed is good,” phony-bologna, winner-takes-all, strong eats the weak approach to sales.

That’s a parody. It’s what a bad salesperson THINKS a great salesperson has to be like. …

Helpers win.

Throw away your caricature of the slick-haired salesperson or the shrewd, cutthroat shark or the clever, sweet-talking huckster. In the short-term those guys can certainly win some victories or trick those who don’t know any better, but it catches up with them and they don’t last. Often, they end up disgraced and discredited.

You might see characters like that in your everyday life or on the Internet and think they’re winning and that you must adopt their bullsh*tting tactics if you are ever to make it in this world and earn the living or the life that you…

Written for ZEV Media by Ayelet Mintz

We’re all familiar with emojis. They’re playful, quirky, expressive, and you can easily add them to just about any email, text, or social media post you write. Although emojis are fun to use in our daily lives with friends, they are an indispensable tool that offers a unique advantage to social media marketers.

What are these advantages?

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WireFrame via Page Six

Recently, Jon Bon Jovi came up with an ingenious idea. He produced a piece of content on social media that generated an enormous amount of viral, two-way engagement and tremendously boosted the visibility of his personal brand.

We’re all used to recording artists releasing songs or even entire albums about topical matters such as the Vietnam War, 9/11, or natural disasters like the earthquake in Haiti. If all Bon Jovi did was write a song about COVID-19, that would be nothing out of the ordinary and there wouldn’t be anything particularly interesting about it. …

Book cover of You’ve Gotta Have Balls

To listen to the podcast interview, click here:

Brandon Steiner on Hustle, Sports Marketing, and Having Balls

Brandon Steiner on Hustle, Sports Marketing, and Having Balls

Brandon Steiner is the founder and CEO of Steiner Sports, an iconic sports marketing and sports memorabilia company. Born right here in Brooklyn, NY, Mr. Steiner founded Steiner Sports in 1987 with only his $8000 in savings and grew it into the $50 million empire it is today.

Steiner Sports is the premier leader in sports marketing pairing athletes with businesses to help them draw customers and best known today as the most trusted…

Pay attention to the end consumer. Watch your target audience and notice their interests and behaviors. 👀

Let go of the past. Adapt to the new mediums where people increasingly spend their time. 📱

Let’s get real. 🤔

- When is the last time you read a print magazine and looked at the ads?

- Do you use ad-block when you browse the Internet?

- Do you hit fast-forward or reach for your phone whenever a TV commercial comes on?

- Do you click on search engine or banner ads?

Thought so.

It’s not just “kids” spending all their time…

Have you made the shift? There is a major shift we all have to make in our minds.

We often call the offline world the “real world” while dismissing our social/mobile activity as something that is separate and apart from “real life.”

The “real world” where people now spend their time is on:

If you want outrageous things out of life, then it’s completely outrageous that you don’t do anything outrageous to get them.

How do you expect results if you don’t invest?

Why do you expect enormously positive outcomes — in your business or in life — if you’re not willing to do what it takes to get you there?

Think about anything in life or your day-to-day experience. Nothing comes easy or without paying the price.

Are you dreaming or are you actually willing to do what it takes to get where you want to go?

You want something crazy?

Go do something crazy to get it!

Don’t try to be an #influencer for the sake of being an influencer.

Don’t become a personal brand for the sake of becoming a personal brand.

Rather, focus on providing value to others. Let the influence come to you as a result.

I think that’s a recipe for failure and a losing strategy. Perhaps, it will bring you short-term success, but you’ll lose in the long-term because the people who become truly influential and remain relevant are the ones who have a message, who stand for something, and who bring unique value to the table.

That means they say “no”…

How do I get results on social media?

Glad you asked.

I get this question all the time! Or, sometimes it’s more like: “Yeah, but I need to see results! What are the results?”

So, let’s define this funny little word, “results.”

Results are the outcomes you should expect from your marketing.

I think it’s on marketers to explain what clients can realistically expect for their money and marketing efforts.

First, let’s set the record straight once and for all.

Social media isn’t free! Repeat after me. Social media isn’t free.

Sure, it’s “free” to post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn…

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I'm a content marketing consultant. Entrepreneur, Writer, & @HuffingtonPost contributor. Helping brands grow with #blogging, social, & email.

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