Content Marketing or Direct Sales? You Need to Do Both

Last year, a friend of mine switched over from using an exclusively outbound marketing strategy (cold emailing and cold calling etc.) to an inbound marketing strategy, which involves content marketing.

While a greater percentage of his leads became more on-target for his business, a year later he told me that his number of qualified leads overall went down.

“That’s why you need to do both,” I told him.

Many people are not sure whether they should focus more on putting out content on social media and other platforms or on trying more traditional, direct, interruptive sales approaches to get new leads.

The truth is that a new business needs to do a little bit of both. To be sure, I’m not advocating spam or cold-calling, both of which are not only annoying but ineffective as well. Being respectful of other people’s time goes a long way and you never want to be labeled as “that guy” or gal who is always trying to push the sale on people who don’t want to be hearing from you.

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