In 2017, cold calling is still a lucrative technique to drive revenue in business to business sales throughout Ireland and the rest of the world. There is a distinct blueprint to B2B sales techniques, and having a clear and structured pitch prepared in advance is vital to success — it works — Just look at our case studies and our list of clients.

Here are a few of the most basic things to keep in mind when cold calling a business:

1) Do your research. Be targeted. Take time to make sure that the company you’re calling will benefit from what you have to offer. It’s obvious that we can all do extensive research on any prospect just by using our phone — so no excuses. Create your Buyer Personas, build your lists.

There’s no excuse for a rep to go into a conversation completely oblivious to what their prospect cares about and what’s happening at the contact’s company.

2) It’s essential to have the conversation mapped out prior to calling. To ensure the call is a success, have an idea of where you want the conversation to go and how to overcome the caller’s objections before they voice them. Know the most common objections and practise your responses beforehand — crucial..

3) There are a few common mistakes that sales reps make on the phone with a prospective client, such as launching their pitch too early without understanding what the business or specific contact needs are. First, make sure you have a decision maker on the phone. Then, learn to captivate their interest and ask the right questions before pitching them your product or services. Don’t waste their time!

Cold Calling Fatigue?

Calling many leads, trying to get hold of the right decision makers and hearing the same objections many times can be frustrating and deflating; but failing to provide your full attention to a call can be consequential. Always give your caller your full attention to ensure their trust in your pitch. Listen. Help.

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