Sales Motivation: Does Creativity, Healthy Competition & Fun Work?

The start of the year can be a tough month for sales. Potential customers are still paying for Christmas, the weather is bad and your sales team, like everybody else, is feeling the January slump.

So how do you motivate your team under these circumstances?

Shane’s Battleship Board

We’ve found that getting creative and getting competitive but with a huge measure of fun — works.

Faced with a slower start to the year, as well as the above pressures, Shane, one of our Assistant Team Leaders came up with a plan. Everybody plays board games over Christmas so why not continue the festivities and introduce some board games in to the office. Pick teams. To be fair, teams were balanced between new and experienced agents and weighted by Sales Per Hour (SPH) per person figures — this meant all the high achieving sales people weren’t on the same team and vice versa.

The first game was Battleship. Shane set it up on a spreadsheet on his computer and then recreated it on a whiteboard for everyone to see. (see pic to the above). When someone gets a sale — they get a shot (choose a square) for their team. If there were intervals when sales were slow Shane would allow two shots per sale. The first game lasted a couple of days and teams were neck and neck right to the end.

I passed through the room and people were out of their seats motivating their teammates. Everyone was involved and people were hitting targets.

To keep it fresh, for the next couple of days the game was changed to Snakes and Ladders. This time with three teams and the same tactic of team selection. As an extra incentive, a welcoming gesture and to help new agents bond with their co-workers and become comfortable with their new surroundings — new staff were given three rolls of the dice when they made a sale.

Was this experiment in sales motivation a success?

There are certain times in every team — football, a band, sales, a relationship — when you need to break the rhythm, the status quo, raise morale and get things moving again. After the Christmas holidays in a cold and wet January, this exercise was a resounding success.

People bonded in a healthy competitive happy environment. Nobody was bored and everyone was included. The team spirit was palpable and — guess what — on the second day of Snakes and Ladders the all-time daily record for sales was equaled.

At Zevas we understand that a happy motivated sales team means everyone is a winner.


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