To new bucket list, to new empty journals & a whole new tub of Nutella Jars.
“Some people will change when they see the light. Others change only when they feel the heat.” Unknown.

Let’s go through each jewel of the year. The feeling you got when 2017 was just about to start. The way you shined for a new beginning and new start. The way you made resolutions and goals to better yourself. The way you were looking forward to make new jewels, feel new emotions and live for new adventures.

Don’t get pulled back.

The delicate way January came around and set you off a new vibe and a new energy. The way you look forward to your jewels of life. The way you felt the summer warmth hug your face and the winter breeze brushing your tangled hair. The way the monsoon rains struck the soft earth below.

The time when you started counting down jewels for a special event. The vibe you got when you felt connections. The way you hustled through the minutes, hours and days. Past the months, you became something and in a matter of years, you’ll be someone even more.

Think about every action you did that leads you to this very line of this medium. The way you smile when you’re genuinely happy with the jewel you’ve worn. The way you cry when no one’s looking. The way you feel angered when you make mistakes. The way you concentrate and procrastinate. Everything you’ve done in these 365 days are now making way for another chance.

Let’s forget about all the time we screw up our jewels. All the time things didn’t go plan. Let’s forget all the bad feelings and insecurities. This year, made you something more like a diamond.

Empower. Encourage.

Another set of 365 days, another warmth of summer to feel, another shiver of winter to chill, another leaf of autumn to fall and another rain drop of monsoon to drip. New year, feels so new all over again.

Never a dull start for those who loves jewels.

There were…
High jewels to this year
Low jewels to bear
Shimmer to dry
from reasons to cry
Lessons to learn by
Designs to try
Demons to fight
Wrongs to right
Resolutions completed
Some deleted
But looking back
we see jewels
Another year into jewelry
The gift of existing shine
Accelerate in high gear
No invite for fear
Pour the jewels
Forget your troubles
Clink and Chime
Celebrate Big Time!

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