GOD as a Writer & Story Teller…

Past days, have been quite hard whenever I hear love songs, see familiar spots that is valuable to the both of us. Past two Sundays been on church to worship the Lord and to keep me grounded, to remind myself that only the Lord is my life and I can overcome everything. I know I can never be okay in a day without me talking to him and seeking strength and wisdom everyday. Thank you father.

I felt excited to what had just happened. I don’t know, but something is whispering and talking in my soul that I should overcome, that I should trust what God has to do with these. He’s sustaining me, pushing me to let go, let go of what’s in my mind, heart and soul. He pushes me to be happy, he pushes me to move on totally. To a reason I may not fully understand now but soon.

Today, writing this means LETTING GOD tell to me what He ( The greatest author of Love ) has already wrote how my love story will unfold. Totally surrendering my everything to him. I’ve shared to some trusted people matters about what’s bothering me and my struggles and sacrifices and I know they are praying for me.

This season and moment push me to be more closer to Him. To seek him more everyday, to trust him more and have bigger faith. Even it pushed me to re evalaute myself and to reflect on my inner self. Thankful season I have!

Right now, I wanted to magnify and seek Him more. For I know that HE IS LOVE, and He is my father who cares for me and looked at me with love everyday of my life. Looking unto him for my identity, my security, my satisfaction and my future. He is certain, he is all knowing God. I still praise you eventhough it hurts sometimes, I lift you up eventhough I most of the time felt alone.

I believe you are working AHEAD of me, you are in control. I just wanted to glorify you whatever season I may have right now. I know nothing is too difficult for you Lord. I will hold on to your words everyday.

Letting you tell my lovestory means dropping every hint of hoping from the past, never looking back, but always forward! It’s accepting things, situation, and still courageously living everyday first and foremost to glorify you and not myself.

I fully understand that I am created by you and FOR YOUR glory. I hope everyday I will have my purpose and direction as how you write it for me. I choose to follow you, obey you, rather than my feelings, rather than this love. I surrender everyday.

It’s living by faith and not by sight. It’s waking up everyday not blinded but looking Up knowing you fight for me and guide me Lord. It’s waiting patiently, not for him but for your already finished book for my life. I know that after all, you will give me a new heart, the old has gone and the new has come.

Today, I will restate that I will commit myself, my purity, to my future husband. I know somewhere down the road we will cross each other’s arms and I know you also save that best part of you for me. I will look only to my future husband ;) I’m excited to be with you!

Let’s love Jesus everyday, and I know this will lead us both closer to each other.

To God be the Glory!

#Waiting Star

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