People seem to be not only intrigued but excited to have an alternative to the meat that tastes similar and is rapidly trending to be made available at leading fast-food chains.

It has not only attracted vegans/vegetarians but also Muslims to have more choices besides searching for halal only options.

Halal is an Arabic term in Islam which means permissible, halal refers to the foods that are fit for Muslim consumption. The majority of the time it is used for the meat and meat products consumed; meat being the primary source of protein in a staple diet.

According to Canada’s…

We all bring our own unique traditions and customs to Canada and each one of these culminate into a diverse culture that is worth celebrating and exploring.

We started Zhaboom so together we can create an online directory with Muslims in mind. Every day, we all discover new shops, encounter new tastes, and live through new experiences — and now you can share these very moments with your family, friends, and the Zhaboom community.

Join us on our journey through our own backyard. Everywhere we turn there is another shop to explore, Halal restaurant to try, and experience to embrace not far from where we live. Create your account today so you can like, review, and share your experiences!


Zhaboom is the first social directory in the GTA designed with Muslims in mind. Search thousands of shops & restaurants that make your city colourful.

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