The Boy Who Cried White Wolf: On Polygon’s The Witcher 3 Review
Adrian Chmielarz

I have to agree. I love Role Playing games that let you be a Saint who saves people and upholds right and justice AND IN ANOTHER PLAY-THROUGH OF THE SAME GAME allows you to be a woman that kills women, cuts their bellies open and eats their unborn babies. Of course I’m exaggerating, but the point is that if these people get off of their #firstworldproblems they’d see that paralleling real world issues but giving you the ability to step outside of social conformity and political correctness is the beauty of it.

Sensitivity to real world social issues HAVE NO PLACE in a fantasy RPG world. You are breaking free from the constraints of the real world taking on a role that you’d never be able to, or never want to in real life.

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