The technique I used to record this video is a pan shoot of the elevation of a space. In Jarmusch’s film, we can see there is always a line below the buildings and sometimes the angle he used to record is parallel to the ground so I just recorded my video similar to his video. The scenery shown in this video is what I can see everyday because this is my route of going back home from school and it shows that I am still a student and I am studying here. In my video we can see school buildings and hotel and some other buildings, they are the architectures that we can always see in this city where we are living in. We can also see some people are wearing bags looks like going to school, some people are relaxing on the benches or on the grass in front of the business building after studying for long time in the school buildings. They can be hurrying to school or can be relaxing. All of these show about our life in this city just like the route in this video shows I’m a student. When I just came to Sydney, the first impression this city gave me is people love relaxing, so in this video I focus more on relaxing like people sitting on the benches or grass.

Reference list: Jarmusch, Jim Down by Law (1986) Opening sequence: pan shoot of the elevation of a New Orleans

Jarmusch’s photos:

My photos:

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