The photographer I chose is Ruscha, Ed.(1937) and the technique I used to take photos is a strip topographies forming an elevation. It’s obvious that we can see lines below the buildings in Ruscha’s photos, so I took the photos framing lines below the buildings. The photos of Ruscha,Ed.(1937) are a series of gas stations so I took photos about a series of public places. I choice this technique to take photos because I think we can see the sky and road what we are living with. Apart from just seeing the buildings or architectures, we can also see how’s people going, what are they doing and sometimes we can see cars passing by. I think all of these can reflect our life in a city. The building in my first picture is a bar, I think the bars in Sydney especially the central arebusy. This shows some people’s life at night. The architecture in second picture is powerhouse. There are so many museums and galleries in Sydney so it helps people read this city. What in the third picture is a swimming pool. I took a picture of swimming pool because this is a city that most people like sports. The building in the forth picture is a police station. It is much more different from the police stations in my country so i took this picture.

Ruscha, Ed’s photos: