Startup Weekend Maker Qingdao

It’s our second startup weekend event in Qingdao, last December in 2014 we bring Startup Weekend into Qingdao entrepreneurs community, we found people love this event, they come together to share their ideas, form teams, build products and some of them launch their startups .

We want to make it sustainable and impact more people, we also noticed that it’s not easy to make the curious onlooker into an active actor. Just like the slogan of startup weekend:No talk, All action. Our community need more people to take actions, not just talk and imagine.

We think the best way to achieve that is creating an environment to help people do something they really want. We want to tell people in Qingdao, if you can dream it, you can make it. All of us are Makers, we make our world. Whatever your background, you can become a Maker and a Startup Weekend Maker is the best place to start.

Startup Weekend is all about learning through the act of creating, people have ideas, theories and passion, we want to bring Maker’s movement to Qingdao , bring an inspiration to anyone who has dreamed of making, but has been hesitant to start because they don’t think they have the necessary skills.

We hope we can attract more makers to join our community, meanwhile we can move unskilled observers to engaged maker-entrepreneur in a long run. Our make edition event will be resourceful to link aspiring people、entrepreneurs、coaches and mentors、investors、government、colleges,all of them will form an open and happy community.

Chinese economy is undergoing a huge transformation, the demographic dividend is waning. As major city in eastern China, Qingdao has strong traditional industries such as home appliance、tyre and machinery. Haier is one of the most famous Chinese companies in the world, as many of its peers, it faces serious problems in the quickly changed internet era. They are looking for innovation and internal revolution. Our maker event will be hold at Haier industrial park, we want people in traditional industry to share ideas and do something new. We can discuss how to make startups more effective and efficient, how to start a business in a Lean way.

In our first event last year, we found technical attendees are not adequate, people who can make physical products are in a minority. Most of our attendees are lack of the ability to make ideas into a real product. That’s why we want to organize a maker edition in Qingdao to attract makers and help more curious onlookers becoming makers.

Qingdao is my hometown, I live here for decades. I love this city deelply. As a serial entrepreneur, I founded 2 companies until now, funs and tears. I hope we have a prosperous and helpful community for entrepreneurs, we will all benefit from our community.

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