I’m always on the lookout for projects that seek to resolve critical social, and environmental issues. Hence, I’ve decided to attend a couple of summits in Europe. The team constantly roams around the globe to learn more about promising biotech startups and showcase support to ICO projects and developers.

Blockchain technology and the real sector at the Blockchain Leadership Summit in Zurich

The Blockchain Leadership Summit took place on 9 March, 2018 in Zurich, Switzerland. It is widely regarded as one of the main conferences for experts and visionaries of the blockchain industry.

Opinion leaders and industry experts discussed the latest regulatory and infrastructural developments, industrial implementation of blockchain technology and its social and economic impact. Experts from the real sector, pioneers of the digital economy, financial institutions and officials from Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Kazakhstan, and Russia were among the attendees.

Prince Michael of Liechtenstein, former Tezos Chairman Johan Gevers, Michel Matthias, Head of the Department of Economic Affairs of the Canton of Zug, and Sergei Glazyev, Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation, revealed invaluable insights into the future of the decentralized world.

Bogdan Stepanov, head of Business Development at GENEXI, proclaimed during his speech at the event “The social importance of blockchain projects will become a fundamental factor in determing the outcome of a race for investment capital.” Mr. Stepanov emphasized the dangers presented by the dark side of blockchain, including the continued threat of fraudulent intial coin offerings. “This is a truly global problem and it is of paramount importance for the authorities to reach common ground on this critical issue from a legal standpoint”, concluded Mr. Stepanov.

Members of the team held productive negotiations with government officials, regulators and investors.

Europe is in priority btw…