Meet GENEXI’s New Advisors: Richard O’Rourke & Manuel Rimarachin Dias

Often businesses require assistance as they make crucial decisions that affect their direction. Experienced advisors can bring the insight business owners need.

June 2018, GENEXI is proud to announce new advisors joining the team: Richard O’Rourke and Manuel Rimarachin Dias. GENEXI’s culture is a standout in the world of business and marketing planning, rewarding forward thinking and creativity. Our advisors are our greatest success — we say it often and with good reason. The company instils confidence in our employees and their external teammates, always inspiring one another to find a way forward and master their motivation. We foster a culture of innovation and leadership bringing in the right people to continue develop those values further.

Richard O’Rourke

Richard started his career as an R&D engineer in the electronics industry in Taiwan and from there moved into fuel cell research in Switzerland.

In 2000 he founded and ran the software company KineMatik, a company providing IT solutions to the life sciences and biotech sector, producing software for R&D management in high-tech manufacturing, and pioneering the world’s first integrated program and portfolio management and knowledge management system, the Collaborative eR&D platform eNovator.

Since successfully exiting, he has redirected his career back into the energy sector, where he has worked all along the value chain from project development to fund management, where he now focuses his efforts.

Richard’s postgraduate qualifications include an MBA (Warwick Business School), M.Sc. (London School of Economics & Political Science), and M.Eng.Sc. (University College Cork). His undergradtuate degree is in industrial chemistry (University of Limerick).

Manuel Rimarachin Dias

Manuel is the regional representative of several ICO projects in Latin America. He began his career in exporting of medical equipment at Equipos Medicos S.A. In recent years, he has become an active member in the crypto community and currently acts as an advisor on the implementation of blocking technology into the public sector of Peru’s economy. Manuel is an external advisor for Arbidex, an integrated crypto exchange platform and a founder of P2P block platform GAPMONEY. Holds an international MBA degree from the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia.

By becoming GENEXI’s advisors, Mr. O’Rourke and Mr. Rimarachin bring valuable contributions to the project’s development, improving the influencer marketing concept, helping with platform promotion and the acceleration of the GENEXI vision. As the ambassador of IT innovations and representative of ICO projects, new advisors strongly believe that GENEXI is making the world a better place and changing the face of business as we know it today.

Q3 2017, GENEXI formally announced the launch of sustainable innovative Ecosystem that brings transparency into biotech sector through blockchain technology. GENEXI platform is a digital space with a complex of high tech solutions, through which manufacturers, distributors and retailers can interact with each other by minimizing fraudulent activities of participants. GENEXI’s primary purpose is to seek out and provide grant support to the most promising and in-demand biotech projects. GENEXI will combine its scientific, medical and project evaluation and development expertise to select the most promising arising solutions and studies in the process of continuous market monitoring and research.

GENEXI Foundation is an organization employing a wide range of high-level innovative research scientists, who have dedicated themselves to an alternative industry different from the conventional life-science paths. GENEXI support specialists who provides manual heuristic analysis for most detailed venture assessment and prognosis. GENEXI has established partnership with leading research labs, institutes and medical advisors to select the most promising projects with the highest expected return rates: Dr. Sergey Turin — Ph.D, leading Russian chemist, Dr. Phyllis Martin — PhD, American microbiologist, Dr. Brenda Oppert — PhD, Dr. Alexander Novoselov — Phd, biotech analyst, Russian State Genetic Research Institute, Russian Toxicology and Hygiene Research Institute, American Ministry of Agriculture Research Center.

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