100 Things I’m Going To Do With My Life

Zivile Zickute
Nov 25, 2017 · 4 min read

A Long time ago I was reading Jon Westenberg’s piece “100 Things I’m Going To Do With My Life”. I thought “What a brilliant idea! I want to write my own list”. But time passed, and I forgot about it.

Recently I have decided to change my life completely. I quit my job, gave away most of the things I owned to charity and friends, packed only one backpack and left my country. These changes made me wonder what do I want to achieve in my life. How can I be happy? So I thought writing a list like this might help to clarify what’s important to me and find a new direction for a better tomorrow.

I aim to complete at least 5 of these listed things every year for the next 25 years. Here we go:

1. Record my own original song.
2. Own a dog.
3. Be interviewed for a magazine or a TV show.
4. Get my work printed in a design book.
5. Get married.
6. Become a Mom.
7. Own a house.
8. Own an art studio.

To see more photos of this perfect studio, visit Diego Querol blogpost.

9. Set up a charity fundraiser or a non-profit organization.
10. Rescue an animal.
11. Take a year off to travel wherever.
12. Win an award.
13. Get another tattoo.
14. Attend Pink concert.
15. Learn to play the piano.
16. Go diving.
17. Have a coffee with Malu.
18. Go to Vanesa Martin concert.
19. Influence 100 people.
20. Host a karaoke party.
21. Feed a homeless person.
22. Get involved in 10 profitable projects within one year.
23. Teach a group of teenagers.
24. Start a Youtube channel.
25. Get the permission to live in Spain.
26. Play squash tennis.
27. Go hiking.
27. Learn to meditate.
28. Learn to play flamenco on a Spanish guitar.
29. Go to a flamenco concert.
30. Design from the scratch at least one clothes outfit.
31. Give a speech in front of more than 100 people.
32. Go to a fancy/private nightclub.
33. Make a short film.
34. Attend friends wedding.
35. Visit French winery.
36. Build a snowman.
37. Go to Legoland!

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38. Learn to cook a new dish.
39. Go on the road trip.
40. Visit Argentina.
41. Go to Brasil.
42. Go camping.
43. Jump off a cliff. Again.
44. Help a stranger in distress.
45. Have a job with flexible hours.
46. Host or attend a themed party.
47. Save a life.
48. Send a message in a bottle.
49. Bake a cake in the middle of the night with someone.
50. Dance in the rain.
51. Go on a cruise.
52. Get a sun tattoo.
53. Skydive.
54. Stargaze on a roof.
55. Smash a pie in someone’s face.
56. Have a colored powder fight.
57. Camp on the beach.
58. Adopt a child.
59. Volunteer at a kids hospital.
60. Go mountain climbing in Machu Picchu.
61. Pet an elephant.
62. Ride horses on the beach.
63. Go to an airport and buy tickets for a random flight.
64. Go on a stargazing date.
65. Have a water balloon fight with friends.
66. Swim with sharks.
67. Sleep under the stars.
68. Go paddling.
69. Set up a passive income business.
70. Drive a racing car.
71. Spend the night in a haunted place.
72. Learn to dive without a nose covering.
73. Learn to shoot a gun professionally.

74. Act in a movie.
75. Travel somewhere with all of my family.
76. Fly with a hot air balloon.
77. Attend a red carpet event.
78. Sing on the stage (karaoke bar counts).
79. Own a chameleon.
80. Act in a play.
81. Learn to drift a car.
82. Road trip in a VW bus.
83. Experience camel riding.
84. Night in the Sahara.
85. Plein air painting.
86. Visit Portugal.
87. Organize my own art/design exhibition.
88. Film a music video.
89. Own a summer house with a view to the sea/ocean and mountains.
90. Attend designers meetup.
91. Have a weekend road trip with bikers.
92. Learn to play drums.
93. Restore antique furniture.
94. Re-use an old guitar in an unusual way.
95. Paint a drawing on a building wall.
96. Roller skate.
97. Start a business with my sis.
98. Reach 5k followers on Dribbble.
99. Build a treehouse.
100. Become a godmother to my sister’s child.

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And now, please excuse me. I have to get going. You know, I have 100 things to do… hahaha! Wish me luck!

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