What Happens When You Quit Drinking Coffee?

People all over the world has this ritual to start their day with a cup of coffee. I do too. Even if I do not consider myself as a caffeine addict, I never seemed to be able to resist.

“You may have coffee in your mind as a part of a relaxing ritual”

A few weeks ago I decided to quit drinking coffee on my work days, which means that I am allowed to enjoy a cup of coffee on the weekends only. The main reason I wanted to do this is that I wanted to see if I can get rid of the overexcitement feeling and “shaky shaky shaky” effect.

Coffee side effects on human might vary from person to person, but I am sure you will identify yourself with at least one of them. Let’s jump into it!

Coffee cups pattern by Kay Wolfersperger

Less stress, less panic.

Stress affects our body on a regular basis. Removing coffee from my daily routine helped me to become more relaxed and less irritated. Almost immediately noticed the difference and came to the conclusion that caffeine feeds the stress. When I drink coffee, I feel tense for no reason and get tired much faster.

Energy crashes

Have you ever drunk coffee just because you can count on one hand the number of hours you slept last night? I did. Yes, it stimulates your body to boost your energy level, but when it wears off you experience an energy crash in your body. The first week got me realizing that I feel more energetic and have a better mood.

Social habit

Drinking coffee has become a great reason to spend some time with colleagues and friends. “Going for a coffee” seems to be more of a social habit than the actual craving, so, why not to replace coffee with something else or just skip it? You do not necessarily need that “extra excitement” while communicating with friends.

Trouble sleeping

After some time with no caffeine in my veins, I increased the quality of my sleep and became a heavier sleeper. I have heard many people saying: “oh I can drink coffee and go to sleep with no problem!”. What do you expect? Dream faster? I believe that drinking coffee before sleep is just another habit. It does not make you want to sleep. You may have coffee in your mind as a part of a relaxing ritual before bed.

Decaf coffee

It is like become coffee virgin again! To be honest? I hated the taste of decaf just like I did when I tasted my first cup of regular coffee. That is why I decided to do not give up on the first attempt. Decaf is a great alternative for people, like me, who want to limit their intake of regular coffee. After all, caffeine is the only thing missing, coffee is still there.

In conclusion

Hello, my name is Zivile Zickute, and I am not a doctor. I just wanted to share my experience doing this small experiment. It has taught me to understand that I do not necessary need a coffee to function. I will not stop occasionally enjoying a cup of coffee because I believe that it has its positive side as well. For now, I am happy to have been able to reduce the amount of caffeine I consumed on a daily basis.
Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Feel free to leave a comment bellow.