Europe Is About to Adopt Bad Net Neutrality Rules. Here’s How to Fix Them
Barbara van Schewick

Zero rating and fast lanes are not #netNeutrality issue

In my view net neutrality is about equal technical (not financial) treatment of Internet traffic. Zero rating is about charging, not about giving priority to certain traffic. For example, packets of zero-rated YouTube should have the same priority as non-zero-rated YouTube. Or however-rated uTorrent.

Fast lanes, if implemented inside a private IP network and not the Internet, are not an issue of net neutrality at all. What is regulated is the Internet not any IP traffic. Issues #3 and particularly #4 could be problematic, depending on the interpretation. As always.

At the end of the day it is better to have some NetNeutrality protection than none. And it is good to drop roaming charges.

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