(Scarlet) email from a girl named Diversity

Deeply you yearn for me

But at the first chance you connect with my contrast

Walking by everyday, sometimes in a rush

Even then I’m already at your destination

Omnipresent, anxious like children in a toy store

Waiting to be acknowledged yet ignored like the bottom shelf special

Often condemned in circles of ignorance

Yet this campus prides itself in my presence

Do you feel the same?

I’m only your classmate, that girl you stand on line with at Starbucks

Playing volleyball by Woodward, or smoking a cig in the back of Smith

Shooting pool in the gameroom, or trading cards in the lounge

Lost in the music of your headphones

How do I yield your attention?

Our time together shortens each day

Your pending graduation, ascension into new realms

Places where I’m abundant, others not a trace or sound

In your face and peripherals so just stop and speak

Just about the only thing on this campus that’s free.

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