Realizing Reality Part I

Knowledge has brought me far. Soaking in the lessons of different people from different walks of life. From squared away Ivy League cum laude to the drug war veterans on my corner, I take it all in. Mindful of life’s journey to make my mind full. Young in the face but wise as the Earth from which we sprout. Watching me tear shit up as a seedling, always ready to provide me with the lash I need. Twisted ears if I acted like I couldn’t hear. Sayings and proverbs to open my eyes as the owl during dark. It took some time, three intense years, to bring me to understanding. Closer than when I began but further than I imagined. My self, my lineage, my environment. Each its own novel with undiscovered chapters. Immersing myself in culture, however, has brought me closer to freedom. Student culture, pop culture, ethnic culture. Working in sync to form a key of liberation. Freeing my mind from the box, a cinder brick establishment of institutionalization. With the third eye open and clear, power becomes reachable. More than just my balled fist in the air. Control over actions, words, mindset. Living in a cycle of refinement. Training myself to the idea that diversity is true equality. In similarity you find the common. But the independents and free-thinkers I’ve come across prove the value in idiosyncrasy: true spiritual connections with the self. Not propped up on the crutches of religious text or divine entity; aware that God is within. Steadily working wonders within my own universe to create and collaborate across galaxies. Continuously reminded by life’s challenges, however, that I am just a mortal man. While other demons seek to fully emasculate me. Burnt bridges that took time to build. Indulged in vices that destroy when abused. All in the pursuit of peace. An unshakeable pillar of self-assurance. More than another self-aware bastard, born out of wedlock into poverty. Ascending above circumstance. I’m armed with an exposure to the realities of life and death. Through those experiences I place the utmost value in living. Until I cypher back into the atmosphere†

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