The Conclusion Of My First Time User Testing

Since I am learning how to design an APP as a UX designer, I did user testing the day before yesterday. Though I was not that satisfied with the result and almost the whole progress, there were still something could make me grow up in the good way.

Before Testing

I tried to organize the results I got from the user research, including interview and desktop. I roughly summarized the functions of my APP, then drew the flow charts to make me think clearly.

After that, I drew the prototype in terms of scale of iPhone 6 Plus( Since my cellphone is 6 Plus, which can be used for testing ), and took pictures of them. I put the pictures into the POP to make a prototype. By using POP, I can make my prototype interactive, more convenience for testing.

I asked three of my friends for help. I planned to test 20 minutes each, but it took me far more than plan because of some reasons.

Considering the rough prototype, I decided to just let users (my friends) to survey the APP freely instead of asking them to do some tasks. Maybe I will give users some tasks in the mid-fi stage.


It made me feel that I was just a fool to argue with my users.

In the Beginning, I introduced my APP to a user, by telling him or her that it’s an APP helping people organize their photos and tag some photos if needed, which can also be more convenience when searching photos.

Then, I let users survey the APP, answered questions they asked. When users gave me some advice, I even discussed with them whether advice would work.

The whole discussing process was the most failure part of the testing.

First, it wasted me too much time. A user assumed some extreme situations. I explained that the situations were too extreme to consider, but he consisted. And I explained why, however, he picked up a new extreme situation. It came into being a circulation!

Second, it affected my feelings in the bad way. when I tried to explain something that I thought users might misunderstand, I became a little bit impatient. At the same time, users were also under stress.

In order to solve these two issues, Xin suggested me that:

  1. BE NICE. When users give you some advice during the testing, you can smile and give them feedback like “Fine, interesting. I will consider this point” other than argue with them immediately.
  2. BE NEUTRAL. When users do something you expect they do, do not express your happiness. On the contrary, when users do something you do not want them to do, do not be disappointed about the process. Just think that the whole APP is designed by someone else.


After discussing the whole testing process with Xin, I realized that I have learned knowledge from books before, but when I wanted to do some practice, the knowledge seemed to disappear.

Maybe it is knowledge I have to practice, or maybe I just have not remembered all the details. But first of all, I am supposed to persuade myself that it can not prove I should do something else instead of being a UX designer.

What’s more, when I explained the function of APP to Xin, I used “I think” too many times, which should be avoided.

I have listed some tasks about the APP and sent them to Xin to ask for help. I will wait for the feedback and make mid-fi at the same time. :)

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