Action Potential

At the darkest moments of our life we panic, not the ideal response you may think, though it’s a physiological response and a way of our body telling us “I’m ready to take what it needs to get it done”

Underestimating our intelligence and capabilities can be so frustrating, we are more than we think, because we are humans, those mysterious creations limited by our thoughts and believes. However, we can do more than what we think we are capable of.

We fear as a result of the limitations we force ourselves to, limiting our universe to one or two options at the maximum. that if we don’t reach we consider ourselves LOSERS!!

Ignorance is a gift. Yes, continuously we are pushed to discover and recreate our surroundings at many times to cope with what we know nowadays, our social media era existed before but in a different form coping with what the technology had to offer at then.

Now we are living in a continuous urge to cope with what we have to reach what we don’t have, even nonessentials.

Acceptance is what we have to live and cope with what is left behind, to start over and push the limits even harder to reach what we don’t even imagine.

A plan is never planed to work in the state of hyper-variability we pass through during our journey of perfection. Learning to cope and using the fear our body is influencing to go through what ever seemed hard or impossible is the solution to achieve what we planed for, bearing in mind that what we don’t get sometimes may be better than what we wanted.