What Does ZiiNGLES Taste Like?

It’s a kind of venerable, old-school classic herbal elixir. With a modern update.

ZiiNGLES’ host of flavor subtleties and natural sweetness arise from its complex blend of organic herbs, natural flavors and essential oils, xylitol, and vegetable glycerin, all of which modulate the profile and taste characteristics of ZiiNGLES.

Spilanthes itself has a light citrus and herbal-green, sparkling clean taste along with a notable tingling ‘buzzing’ sensation — followed quickly by a reliable flow of saliva. This sensation is normal (and a sign that the herbs in ZiiNGLES are working!) and will subside after a few minutes. Feel into the unique sensory experience of ZiiNGLES as it activates your salivary glands to release their refreshing flow of saliva.

Get Immediate Relief.

ZiiNGLES is available now in naturally flavored spearmint, raspberry, or lemon!

Originally published at www.ziingles.com on October 1, 2016.